Monocacy Creek Park is a small park on Illicks mill road in Bethlehem. It is a nice park to go walk through, have a party or just a picnic. There are tables throughout the park as well as 2 covered areas for bigger parties. Even though it is near the road once you walk further in it is nice and peaceful place to sit. The waterfall drowns out a lot of the car noise. Continue reading

Louise W. Moore Park in Nazareth is a nice park to go for a walk or jog. The park has a trail with different exercises along the path. This is a nice park to go take a walk and just sit and be one with nature. You can get directions to the park here if you don’t know where it is. Continue reading

Welcome to Picture Lehigh Valley a new blog that will focus on the people and places in the Lehigh Valley. I will be going throughout the Valley trying to see places that I haven’t seen before and some I have seen but didn’t take pictures of. At first you will see the places around that Valley as I establish this blog with enough content. Then I would like to start to showcase interesting and talented people throughout the Lehigh Valley in their natural environment. Have an interesting place in the Valley? Let me know in the comments below.